UpCultured is a social enterprise that links enthusiasm for culture and adventure with a sense of humanity. 

Our blog is a platform for the culturally curious that provides free information on travel adventures, cultural heritage and NYC life.

We provide unique and memorable travel service through Boyio Tours. We also have paintings available at our Etsy store.e at our store are unequaled.


Hudjy Dolce
Founder and CEO

Hudjy enjoys learning cool things from different cultures and is passionate about traveling. An Haitian-American, he started this company with the goal to increase cultural curiosity and help people engage in life-changing adventures, thus the name UpCultured. Hudjy holds a BA in economics from Hunter College and a master of public administration (MPA) from Rutgers University. Email: hdolce@upcultured.com.

Michael Millerick
Executive Consultant

Michael currently holds a leadership role at a mechanical engineering company in New York City. He’s an avid traveler, art lover and a fan of Italian cooking. He has been involved in all aspects of UpCultured since the beginning and helps manage the art store, which includes overseeing the framing and shipment of paintings. Michael attended Rutgers University.guide yo.